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Contractors World International Vol 7 No 6


Massive Clean-

Up Starts

As New Zealand reels

from another severe

earthquake, the

Government wasted

no time in instructing

contractors to make

vital infrastructure

highways open - a

dangerous undertaking

as the land is unstable

and there are many

ongoing after shocks.

The severe tremors, which are still

ongoing, have resulted in millions of cubic metres of

rock crashing down,on to the main coastal highway

that runs down the west coast of the South Island.

This highway connects with ferries from Wellington,

docking at Picton en route to Christchurch. Over

1,000 landslips in total.

This scenic route hugs the coastline with a rail

track running alongside for most of the way. There

are many tunnels and stretches of highway supported

by piles it manoeuvres around the rocky outcrops.

As this photo montage of pictures supplied by the

New Zealand Transport Agency shows, the task facing

the contractors and engineers will be extremely


A risk to contractors is the ongoing after-shocks