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Will Uncertainty Impact

on Economics?

Around the world, there is uncertainty over economic

stability in the near future. The United Kingdom has cho-

sen to leave the European Union and the USA is preparing for a new


Countries across Europe have elections pending which could see more stormy

weather for the European Commission. There are concerns across Asia and other

parts of the world.

Where does this leave manufacturers and contractors?

The problem for anyone trying to prepare for the years ahead, is the amount of

conflicting information. The truth is, we are travelling through uncharted waters,

therefore, there is no historical reference data on which to base a prediction.

The fact is that nobody knows what the future global economic situation holds.

Understandably, this is reason enough for governments, developers, contractors, and

manufacturers tending to hold back.

What is certain, is that the next few years are going to be extremely interesting,

and, fortunately, not everything is being held back.

President Elect Trump wants to use private finance initiative to rebuild critical in-

terstate highways. If he can achieve this, then that is a lot of work for road contractors

and suppliers.

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Roger Lindley

Contractors World International Vol 7 No 6