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Contractors World International Vol 7 No 6



High Reach For

Street Art

Five world-famous street artists took part at

the “FestiWall 2016” event. Their artworks

renewed the walls of the “Selvaggio” (“wild”)

quarter of Ragusa, Sicily.

To accomplish their works of art, they

were supported by Haulotte aerial work plat-

forms to guarantee workability and safety.

Three weeks of art in the streets, of col-

ours to renew the suburbs and technological

equipment working for common good.

This remarkable feat was achieved also

due to the participation of some of the most renowned

street artist of the planet.

For two weeks, Haulotte platforms helped the street

artists to reach high in the sky and use the city walls as

their own “canvas”.

Their visual artworks, of huge dimensions and located

in an uncomfortable urban environment, needed the

aid of high quality aerial work platforms. They had to

be, at the same time, reliable, quick and easy to


These features were perfectly matched by Haulotte

machines, supplied by Tecnofly srl of Misterbianco

(Catania), a local Haulotte dealer.

As Caterina Fuina, Tecnofly srl CEO,


“We supplied Haulotte aerial work platforms of

different heights. From a 43-mt telescopic-boom

unit to a 26-mt one, to the 12-mt scissors. Having

to work in an uncomfortable urban environment,

with apartment buildings and blocks that were

very difficult to access, we decided to use self-

propelled platforms, as they are versatile and

easy to operate. It must be underlined that those

machines had to be driven by the artists

themselves. ”



Multi lift with 14 mobile cranes

The crane division of leading Belgium construction and

plant hire company, Aertssen played a prominent role

in the maintenance of a pipeline for a sludge processing


A complex and challenging task for which they de-

ployed 14 mobile cranes.

Every so often a complete overhaul of the installation

plant is necessary. This was the case for the pipeline of

a sludge processing plant in the Port of Antwerp. In order

to do so the pipeline had to be placed temporarily on

the quay.

A complex task for which SeReAnt counted on their

technical ability and expertise.

Lifting the pipeline was not an easy task: in total we

deployed 14 mobile cranes

who executed the multi lift

s imu l taneous l y.

E i ght

supervisors were on standby

to make sure the hoist went

smoothly, safely and, off

course, simultaneously.

The safe coordination and

expertise of the crane special-

ists guaranteed a profession-

ally performed lifting.

Aertssen Kranen

Wor ldwide Panorama